Monday, 11 March 2013

Hey, Nonnet Nonnet

Today, it is the nonnet that gets our attention. A nonnet has nine lines, as the name would suggest.  The first line has nine syllables, the eighth has eight, seventh has seven and so on right down to one.  In fact, there is a cute nonnet entitled How to Write a Nonnet, written in nonnet by Akhil Katyal.  I encourage you to read it. This is my nonnet.

Forgotten Loaf

Never leave your bread sitting around
For weeks on end to grow some fur
Blue and green and white and grey
Damply stuck to the bag
The humble start of
The trashcan
Gets fed

On a more serious note, I spent last night reading news reports, blogs and firsthand accounts of something that's plaguing our entire world.  Rape Culture.   I have been up all night with horrible things playing in my mind's eye over and over again; too terrified to sleep.

The thing that really surprised me is the amount of "low level violence", read street harassment, groping...that goes on everywhere.  I even took some time a looked into my own history and realized, I have been made to feel scared and small continuously, simply for existing as a female in a public place.  I have been shamed and blamed for things that are beyond my control.  My personal space is constantly invaded by men who act as though I am public property.

No more.  I vowed last night that every instance from here on out will not go unnoticed.  I will be loud in voicing my discomfort.  I will not be passive.  I will report all violence, no matter how "low level" without shame.  I will call attention to this disgusting behaviour whenever and wherever I see it.  I am a human being. I will be treated as such.

Warning!  These stories are graphic. One, Two, Three, Four, Five.  

This is a call to all reasonable human beings.  Please, speak up when you see shit go down.  Don't be a bystander.  Your nonchalance could actually be fatal.  Step in.  Say no.  Be loud.  Don't blame the victim, no matter how short the skirt.  Don't tell women how to dress and act.  Tell men not to rape.

I'm going to start raving in a second if I don't cut off this post.  Stay strong! 

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