Thursday, 7 March 2013

Wander Wildly Away

Today, I decided to take a break from introducing forms of poetry.  It can be a bit trying.  Also, I went out last night.  So sue me.

This is an old piece, but I like it.  If you would care to click the link, you can see a live version with my band, The Dinner Situation.  Pardon my singing, please.

Wail and Wander
Artist Unknown-  Poor little Hansel
and Gretel.  I am too freaked out by
the concept of the movie exisiting
 to go see the movie. 

I dawdled, and now I've lost your shadow,
But I've forked the path for myself.
You would be proud
As I wander wildly away to the left 
And cast no crumbs with which to find my way back.

It's all over now.
It's all just begun.
And the beginning is a very good place to start,
Over and over like I've done before,
But this time you aren't looking.

I guess I'll just twist and wither while trying to find the light.
Sometimes the sun just don't shine,
You've warned me before.
And I suspect that the sun won't shine as often as it used to
What with you being so far ahead, and all.

I don't need to be forgiven.
It's so improbable anyway.

Back to out regularly scheduled program tomorrow.  Ciao kids!

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